Liberty Hall
Well, I took a month-long hiatus from the flash challenges and the story just poured out of me today.  Alrighty!  I really should use the leftover time to edit, or lengthen it, but I tend to just want to get that fast draft out and let it sit for a while.
Managed to submit a story to Penumbra, so altogether a very productive Mother's Day.  (Nice breakfast from kiddo, too!)

Liberty Hall Flash
I keep thinking I have no more ideas, I have no more energy, I won't open the Liberty Hall Flash challenge, I won't write another flash.  But then I do.
And I did. Write a flash story this week. :)
Funny night - I woke up from a dream where I was writing a short story.  It was just flowing out. I was reading as I wrote, thinking, this is a good story!  Woke up, continued to "read" it, thought oh, I should get up and write this down.
Fell fast asleep and of course it has disappeared.
I'm comforted by the fact that if it was a good story, I did read it, so it's in my subconscious and will surface again someday!

Liberty Hall!
Just submitted an entry - hoping some folks will join in this weekend, we've had 3-4 every week, which makes it easy to crit but hard when a few can't make it over.  So if you catch this in time, and writing a flash strikes your fancy, c'mon over!

Liberty Hall!
There are three prompts up this week, because we carried over from last week.  One of them worked for me, and I'm looking forward to reading the others - hope you can join in this week!  The challenge goes til Sunday evening.  Yahoo!  Got another story idea that I think I can work with.  

Beam Me Up Podcast

Old NYC Subway Station (City Hall)

My short story from 2011, "This Life," (originally published on Daily Science Fiction) was aired on WRFR radio station in Maine and then archived as a podcast on Beam Me Up.

What a thrill!  It starts around 43 minutes in.  Subway sound effects and all!  I was enchanted to hear my words read by someone else.  A little taste of what it must be like to see one's work filmed, or on stage.  Or read by multiple folks.

The reader was Paul Cole, the host of Beam Me Up.  It's been podcasted since 2006 – he archives his weekly radio hour on the website.  His show includes commentary on science news, science fiction reviews and opinions, and stories every week.

Thanks, Paul!  Loved your rendition of my story.

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Well, my son and daughter-in-law are moving away this month, boo-hoo.  Taking my 8 year old granddaughter.  They need dry hot weather - she's got rheumatoid arthritis (yeah, young for that) and has been miserable here.
So I guess we'll be racking up some mileage.  It's been a fun few years having them here.

Other news - my story is up on Daily Science Fiction.  A short-short bit of fluff, I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Taking Care of Ma

My July Writing Routine

I read an advance copy of Michael Haynes' "Write Every Day: Hints and Tips Toward a Writing Routine" and found it caught my interest.  I'm SO not a routine person.  But I'm definitely a "bad-habit" person and I think I've gotten into some bad habits around my writing. Reading, socializing, and tweaking finished stories are not getting me to my ultimate goals.

One of Michael's suggestions is to create a visual marker, a big X on a blank calendar,  for every successful writing day - then to tell yourself not to break the chain of x's.  I have been writing a flash story at Liberty Hall every weekend since August of 2010, and it is amazing how motivating the idea of not breaking my chain of stories has been - without even using the term chain, I've been using the idea.

So, today, July 1 I took out a blank calendar sheet and marked a BIG X for my great day - I wrote another flash story today.

Michael's other big suggestion is to define a successful writing day in a way that makes it more likely you'll succeed.   He suggests choices.  So my five choices that I will consider equal a successful writing day are

  1. Write 500 words of new fiction (yay, today!)
  2. Write 500 words of blog post (s) (I figure writing some ahead of time would be useful, 500 word posts are a bit long for me)
  3. Write 500 words of critique (s)
  4. Revise (major - not my typical tweak, retweak) one of those flash stories I've been piling up
  5. 2 hours of steady organizing of my fiction, submission records and other data concerning my writing.  This will be a good goal for days when I just can't manage to write.

So I've got my first X for my new chain.  I'm also participating in W1S1 (Write 1, Sub 1 as Ray Bradbury once advised) still, and have not broken that chain since I started - it has significantly helped my submission rates, although not acceptance rates yet, lol.

Check out Michael's book - and check out Liberty Hall Writers if you're interested in joining the weekly flash challenges, and W1S1 if you're interested in joining that as well!

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Daily Science Fiction story coming...

My flash story, “Taking Care of Ma,” comes out to email subscribers on Monday, June 25.  This is the third story of mine they’ve published.  Yay!

If you want to subscribe, go here.

Otherwise, the story will be on the website a week after email subscribers see it.  I’ll remind you!

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 I looked at the Liberty Hall flash this afternoon, started the clock, and my daughter walked in and said "Can I have a ride?"  Yikes, bad timing - no way I could drive her & get back to finish.
Well, just knowing she was waiting, I managed to write a complete (if not strong) flash in under 90 minutes! Double pressure - the clock & wanting to brag to her that I finished. Lately I've been writing "....and then this is going to happen..." at the end of my LH challenges!
It was new stuff too, and it might be something I can polish up & market.
Join me!

A Productive Day!
Put my 14 year old on a plane to go visit older siblings - which somehow freed me (inspired me?) to do a bunch of chores:
 Reorganized the freezer (and tossed old/bad stuff)
Cleaned out the refrigerator
       *Please note both of the above were HUGE jobs, both messy & jammed full, found frozen stuff from over a year ago
Replaced a sun-damaged, beat up kitchen window shade with a new bamboo shade I found on sale at Lowe's
Fixed the toilet (arg, not easy, two trips to hardware store)
Gave the new puppy a bath
Fixed the latch on the garden gate
Made green chicken enchiladas & a Tex-Mex salad (with an extra pan of enchiladas for the new, spacious freezer!)
All the usual daily stuff 
And ... worked on my setting story.
Feeling Great!



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