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A Productive Day!
Put my 14 year old on a plane to go visit older siblings - which somehow freed me (inspired me?) to do a bunch of chores:
 Reorganized the freezer (and tossed old/bad stuff)
Cleaned out the refrigerator
       *Please note both of the above were HUGE jobs, both messy & jammed full, found frozen stuff from over a year ago
Replaced a sun-damaged, beat up kitchen window shade with a new bamboo shade I found on sale at Lowe's
Fixed the toilet (arg, not easy, two trips to hardware store)
Gave the new puppy a bath
Fixed the latch on the garden gate
Made green chicken enchiladas & a Tex-Mex salad (with an extra pan of enchiladas for the new, spacious freezer!)
All the usual daily stuff 
And ... worked on my setting story.
Feeling Great!


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OOh, Love those days! Do you still have a google+ invite left?

Yes, happy to invite you, send me your email address (mine is lee.hallison

Hi! I hadn't seen you on my f-list, lately, and thought I'd pop in and see your blog, which is very pretty, btw :)

How long is your boy gone for? I used to *ache* for summer camp with the girls, but I have to say that I miss them being little, you know? Though 14's up favorite years were when they were younger than 10.

Housework! I love a clean house, but all that effort just kills you, and then it never stays that way and then (what is it, a conspiracy?!) no one ever comes visit when it's all nice and pretty, but they all *lurk* (I swear) around the corner, waiting until it's a gigantic heap again.

"Tis a girl (which is why I'm so frazzled lately)(arg, teenage girls) and she's already back, in fact we are now at a house we rented with three other friends for a mother-daughter vacation. So far pretty fun, girls in packs actually seem to work better than girls alone with mom. :)
I definitely miss my little sweet child, although my memories are most likely colored. How easy it is to forget the temper tantrums and stubbornness when the teenager fury raises its head!
Thanks for the compliment, I do find it hard to keep up with blogging, and in a fit of creativity made my blog a bit complex and even harder to keep updated than most. The books I'm reading & the book recommendations -arg, I'm always behind there, never mind posting!

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