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 I looked at the Liberty Hall flash this afternoon, started the clock, and my daughter walked in and said "Can I have a ride?"  Yikes, bad timing - no way I could drive her & get back to finish.
Well, just knowing she was waiting, I managed to write a complete (if not strong) flash in under 90 minutes! Double pressure - the clock & wanting to brag to her that I finished. Lately I've been writing "....and then this is going to happen..." at the end of my LH challenges!
It was new stuff too, and it might be something I can polish up & market.
Join me!

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Oh, I meant to answer you yesterday when I read this--you inspired me, so I'm there, too, it's so nice to see you again :).

Maybe it gave you extra thinking them, taking the drive? I'm so glad you got your story in even under daughterly demands, ha!

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